iPad Usage Hits Traditional Media - Hard

About 1 year ago I wrote a blog post about how traditional media treated iPad as sort of a savior.

Today Daytona publish a survey where they asked the Swedish people about the way they use their iPads. The result is in no way positive for the tabloids or commercial TV channels.

People use their iPads to surf (go figure) rather than installing apps. This totally goes agains the News+ project strategy and in some way also against what Schibstedt has been doing the last 6-12 months. Personally I cannot in any way see why you would build an app as a media provider since you can do fantastic stuff in HTML5 and CSS 3 and save - to say the least - huge amounts of money. 

There are no news apps in the top 20 list in this survey. To me that makes sense. I get the same (or better I would say) information from their web sites. And as Rasmus from Daytona says in this article - they should really focus on getting their web pages optimized for iPads instead. A good example of this is how Financial Times solved it (you need to access it with an iPad to see it).

Sadly - I think media houses will continue to spend money on apps and dreams of new revenues instead of focusing on how to keep in pace with the users.