Can You Dig It?

Uh-ooh! - they did it again! Another totally responsive, mega-fancy branding site for a new really exciting game from King called Diamond Digger Saga. Great effort from the team as usual. Can you dig it?

Diamond Digger Saga is a clicker game where players blast, dig and explore their way through the glistening lands of Diamond Dale, Turquoise Meringue and other fantastical locations while uncovering special treasures and clearing away groups of three or more jewels to reach the target score. Players are tasked with clearing a path to allow for the water to flow freely to its destination, sending them through portals to interconnected rooms, each with its own wondrous task for discovering new gems and advancing to the next level. Diamond Digger Saga was launched in the second quarter of 2014 on Facebook and in the third quarter of 2014 on mobile.